They call me girl.

We teach girls shame ,close your legs,cover yourself.we make them feel as though  born female they are already   guilty of something and so girls grew up to be a women who silence themselves.they grew us to be the women who can not say what they truly think and they grew up and this is the worst thing we do to girls they grew up to be the women who have turned pretense in to an art form.

-Chimamamda Nagozi Adichie

Gender discrimination is the biggest millstone in the prosperity of our society. It is one of the most ponderous matter of today’s world.we live in a male dominient   society    .women are taken as inferior creature than man.women from any path of life either she is a mother ,a daughter,a girl,or a working women never the less if she is a female that’s enough identity that make our society to put fingers on her.they are considered as a burden in their family and society.and when it comes to chose between the son and daughter so surely  many of us chooses a son over a daughter either for giving good education,giving good food,giving good life style.

These all are basic indignity from family to girls when boys are regarded as pillars of tomorrow Still after what we called our society modernized but it is still bounded with orthodox cultures,and traditions.Better education,better life style is not only the thing a girl or a women needs what she truly want is to have the same right , same position ,same appreciation which a man demands.  what she truly want is that she shouldn’t be considered inferior then men’s,there family shouldn’t be ashamed of them ,they shouldn’t feel that its a insult that they are being blessed with a girl.

We need to envision to promote girls and women’s on every path and race of life .educating a man mean educating a men but educating a women mean  educating a society we need to go beyond stereotypes and should espy that each individual person either male of female can make the world a better place to live.



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