Charity a inner peace.

Have you ever stumbled upon and it make you think by your self  about the uncertainty that how few people can live in luxury while billion dwell in suffering ,wretchedness,poverty?

I believe that billion of that existed from the suffering of poverty exist just because of the help of god or by clean our soul and mind.

No one has ever become poor by giving -Anne frank

charity is a helping hand streached  to save some one from the  inferno of their present can not disagree that more you give the more you have.Many people have mixed thought about the charity that it should only be given to whom they are really in   need and many people have mixed thought about streetbeggers.

But I believe it is our duty to help someone ,get down for some one and raise them up.but most important is the intentions of giving the charity ,I believe charity does not only mean giving away ,helping others  it mean some thing  for which your soul is satisfied from you sacrificing your pain and helping some one to forget their ones .I can explain this with one quotation that I love the most  is


A bone to a dog is not the charity .charity is the bone shared with the dog when you are as hungry as    the dog is .  -Jack London

It is not only about giving        I believe it is far beyond that it is about how much effort how much Love we put in that .to bring a smile in some one face ,to find the solution of their problems.

Get down for some one get up for some one believe me you will find your inner peace.Every day is the new beginning start it with a smile and give to others for free.


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