I merely existed


Storm what exactly that word mean .A natural disaster. For many of  us it not more than just a disaster.But it was a lot more than for me  in the last year.I clearly remember everything .It was a metanoia for me.

The night before the day I was going to receive my graduation certificate  and there was going to be whole ceremony.My parents was going to come from all the way from Manchester to attend my high school ceremony.But all that happen I never ever imagined it to be happening in my nightmares  even .

It was egregious,it was erroneous,a lost no one can ever full-fill.I lost my parents in a plan crash .I had worked really hard for what i was going to achieve tomorrow,I got plans for celebration with my family.But all the things come to an end .

I couldn’t realize at that how big the lost is ,it seems like the whole world had become to big and  I am to small and lonely .Words are not enough to tell what was going inside me.My thoughts were killing me ,I can’t tell you how I have spend that night.

My life seems to change a lot on wards, I believe it was a storm in my life which change a lot in my and take away  what mean to me the most.

If you have read  this than   thank you! .This is the is the story in response to the one word prompt challenge .Hope you like it.




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