Molding Adversities

How often you feel down ,broke,lost,not motivated  enough ,feeling gloomy,somber melancholy? or have you ever feel adverse nerves stretching ,feeling hope less ,lost not  able to stand fight and conquer.

How many times  in a day you see people suffering ,suffering from their  body and heart, body and brain .They are in constant rivalry  with themselves with their  problems.

People suffer from cancer, brain tumor ,physical disability  of extremities , unable see, talk, walk , hear,people suffer from polio , gangrene and so many other  life threatening diseases they fight ,they strive ,they overcome their  adversities ,they does not let their circumstances  define them.

As a human and as in reality we all go through these harsh feelings ,we all have different stories,different  chapters, different situations and different  circumstances .We all are own hero of our own life,no one but all on our own.

No one have ever achieved glory by paying it safe even in adverse situation if one only  remember the art of changing minds and know the right perspective ,right action,thoughts so definitely  he/she can bring out  positivity  from  negativity 

We need to empower our power to change in our greatest opportunity of our life. Furthermore what I believe  is important to win the war against adversity is peace of mind,patience , trust in god and art of changing our dilemmas  into our opportunity  .

We can ameliorate  our lives by the way we think and by the way we react .Be need a broader  vision of things that affect us ,bother us that is conceivable   that what we think is an adversity is truly  an amazing opportunity and yes we all know that opportunities often comes disguised  and in adversity.

In a nut shell it is explicit that every one is a sufferer is a victim of adversity in his/her life int his world but what make each of us unique  and to stand out is the way in which we mold ourselves and our adversities in to our opportunities.   


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