Fat Shamming

25.9 waist -to -hip ratio of .87and  waist-to-chest ratio .74, that is the ideal size for a women you can even google it.Does this worry you?.Does this make you feel ashamed of your body?or were you ever be the victim of sizeism?

Sizeism refers to discrimination on the grounds of height and weight.Spending hours and hours on media,online magazines,social media noticing observing every possible body shape that our society accept with their so called standards of  what they call ideal body should look like slime legs,great height,round booty ,perfect curves and never ending list of their perfections.

Sizeism is widely neglected and approved at the same time but why ?to find the answer you have need to look at the society and that make it easier to understand that they don’t like fats or more correctly fat people ,they aren’t accepted as who they are just because their body size doesn’t fit to their requirements , more often sizeism affect fat people they are mostly ignored in their workplaces or they suffer from peer pressure.

From weight loss fads to thin attractive models on magazines to the infamous obesity epidemic   , is representing what beauty actually looks like .What  is more worst than that is our society build upon insecurities in ones life about theirs shape and size or  even  height  That being fat is likely to being unattractive,unappealing not up to their standards of what ideal women look like.But thing to ponder is also that who set these standards in society are they men or women? well that’s a complete new argument .

But back on track if I share you one of those things that i observed growing up as asian and more precisely in brown society you will always encounter with is  itni moti! wazan kam karo,is ki to shadi nhi hoti ,log kya kahe ge!.(you are so fat , you need to loose weight, you are not going to find a right proposal ,what the people are going to say).

Sizeism is a discrimination without age boundaries, you can go from age 5 to 25 within a second suffering from the anxiety and depression about their weights .It creates a huge adverse affect people suffer from mental traumas, mental health problems and it turns out that it creates more worst affects than sizeism could ever have,it will create a double epidemic sizeism +mental health.

In a nut shell what I believe is that in so many years of advancement and knowledge what it haven’t thought us is that how to love our selves with all the flaws how to appreciate our selves with all the short comings , not only about loving ourselves but to love other appreciate other accept other with all the flaws .Everyone is beautiful attractive regardless of their body shape ,complexion.Time to accept that beauty come in all shapes and sizes.



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